Want to know your state of resident Postcode / Zip code? We have here, the full list of the 36 states of Nigeria zip codes.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need the Nigerian Zip/Postcodes, then we’ve got you covered. Some of the reasons why we need the Zip codes of our resident state or state of origin is mostly centered around filling an online form for international transactions, registration or school application or scholarship forms, etc.
nigeria zip code

Difference Between Zip Codes and Postal Codes

The difference between the Zip code and Postal code is not much, it’s just that the Zip code is only used by The United States of America, while other countries including Nigeria, UK, France, China etc use Postal code.
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What is the Nigeria Zip Code

I have discovered that some Nigerians gets a bit confused when they came across the Zip/Postal code field. This is the major reason why I will be listing here, the complete zip/postal codes for Nigeria states.
It’s advisable that you download Nigerian post codes, so any time you need zip/postal codes for any of the 36 states in Nigeria, you can easily have access to it.

Meaning of ZIP

Here is the complete meaning of Zip Code;
Z = Zone,
I = Improvement,
P = Plan Code.
The Zone Improvement Plan, Zip Code is used by The US while Nigeria government adopt the use of Postal code. However, either one you choose, they are both used for mailing purpose.
The Nigeria postal codes are numeric, 6-digits in number.
But the Nigerian Postal Service (Nipost) divides Nigeria into nine regions, so it is easier to know your location and make your transaction faster and easier.
Number is ascertained to each of the nine regions, make up the first digit of its Postal code, the first 3 digits of the code (the second and the third digits combined with the first) are the dispatch district which is used for outgoing sorting and the last three digits are for various post office in each regions for delivery.
You should also know that the zip/postal codes for Nigeria states published here are for the head offices in each state, you will notice they all end with the digit, 001.
However, in our next article, I will be sharing with you, the area zip/postal codes for each town/local governments in the 36 states of Nigeria.

Nigeria Zip Codes for All States

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That is it. Here is the full/complete list of zip/postal codes for all Nigeria states. If you have any inquires, questions you want to ask, don’t hesitate to use the comment box, and we’ll reach out to you immediately.

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